Anya Petrovskaya, PhD

Research Consultant, Computer Science Department



In December 2015, I have co-founded Eonite Perception --- a startup focused on advanced 3D perception, mapping, and tracking.


·  In June 2014, I have been named Best Associate Editor at ICRA 2014.

·  In December 2012, my thesis work has been honored with a Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award by IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS).


Recent Talks

3D Perception for AR/VR. CS294 Lecture, Stanford University, USA. May 24, 2016.


Sub-Millimeter Accurate Mapping and Tracking for Robots, Drones, and AR/VR. At Industry Forum, ICRA 2016, Stockholm, Sweeden. May 19, 2016.


The Smart Robot Revolution. Live Chat orginized by IEEE WIE, Stanford University, USA, February 2014.

Abstract: In the past, robots have been confined to manufacturing applications in strictly controlled environments. However, this is about to change. We are entering an era, when robots will become plentiful in our everyday lives. What makes the new robots different from robots of the past are their brains and their ability to perceive our environments. Join this chat to learn how recent advances in Robotics and AI are leading to new industry and consumer applications that will change the world. Robotics expert, Dr. Anna Petrovskaya, will discuss her experiences with autonomous cars, robotic perception, and the many promising start-ups that have sprung up to bring about the smart robot revolution. [more] [video]




Guaranteed Inference

Reliable perception  is crucial for robots operating in uncertain human environments.  To enable reliable robotic perception, we developed a guaranteed inference algorithm called Guaranteed Recursive Adaptive Bounding (GRAB).  Unlike most modern inference methods, GRAB algorithm guarantees that all optimal solutions will be found.  In addition , it dramatically outperforms state-of-the-art.  In experiments, GRAB lead to 100% safe decision making, provided 1mm robot localization accuracy based on laser sensors, and resulted in reliable 6DOF object pose estimation based on tactile data. 


Tactile Perception

Humans are capable of performing many tasks relying just on the sense of touch.  To enable robots to do the same, we explore robotic perception via contact.  [more



STAIR stands for STanford AI Robot project.  Its goal is to build a single robot that combines techniques from all areas of AI to carry out a wide range of day-to-day tasks.  My work focuses on teaching the robot to navigate hallways and open doors. [more


Autonomous Urban Driving

This project aims to develop autonomous vehicles able to drive in urban environments.  For more information see my project page and the Stanford Racing Team website.


Knowledge Base of Tactile Sensors

In this ongoing project, our goal is to build a complete knowledge base of tactile sensing technologies.  [more]



Links to groups I work with:

·  Robotic Manipulation Group

·  Stanford Racing Team






Gates Building 1A, Room 112, Stanford, CA 94305


anya at


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Presented at:

·  Mobile Manipulation Workshop (MMW 2010) at RSS in Zaragoza, Spain, June 2010

·  Dependable Robots in Human Environments Workshop (DRHE 2010) in Toulouse, France, June 2010. This version is titled “Towards Dependable Perception: Guaranteed Inference for Global Localization”.


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At ICRA 2006, Orlando, Florida