Although the chat has long ended, a full video is available on YouTube.

Original Announcement:

Please join Dr. Anna Petrovskaya, recipient of the 2012 ITSS Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award, for a live chat entitled "The Smart Robot Revolution" on February 10, 2014 at 3 PM EST/noon Pacific/20:00 UTC.

A research consultant at Stanford University, Dr. Petrovskaya will discuss her research field of reliable robotic perception. You can view the broadcast and ask her questions about her research, robotics, and industry applications.

The one-hour chat, supported in part by IEEE ITSS, and produced by the IEEE Women in Engineering Committee, can be found on USTREAM.

Please join Anna and others for a fascinating exchange.

The abstract and bio are below. You can also see information about this chat on the WIE Facebook Page.

Topic: The Smart Robot Revolution

In the past, robots have been confined to manufacturing applications in strictly controlled environments. However, this is about to change. We are entering an era, when robots will become plentiful in our everyday lives. What makes the new robots different from robots of the past are their brains and their ability to perceive our environments. Join this chat to learn how recent advances in Robotics and AI are leading to new industry and consumer applications that will change the world. Robotics expert, Dr. Anna Petrovskaya, will discuss her experiences with autonomous cars, robotic perception, and the many promising start-ups that have sprung up to bring about the smart robot revolution.

Anna Petrovskaya received her Doctorate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2011. Her research focuses on model based Bayesian perception for robotic applications. She has developed new efficient algorithms for tactile object localization, mobile manipulation and autonomous vehicles. Anna was part of the core team that built the Stanford autonomous car Junior, which was a precursor to the Google car. She has served as an Associate Editor for ICRA since 2011. Based on her expertise, Anna has been invited to co-author chapters for the Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles and the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Robotics. Most recently, Anna has been named among the winners of the IEEE ITSS Best PhD Thesis Award.