I am a Computer Science PhD student at Stanford University.
I received my BA from Williams College.

I'm interested in human language and am motivated by applications in
artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical inference.

Interpretable Neural Architectures
for Attributing an Ad's Performance to its Writing Style

Reid Pryzant, Sugato Basu, Kazoo Sone
EMNLP -- BlackboxNLP, 2018 (code)

Deconfounded Lexicon Induction for Interpretable Social Science
Reid Pryzant, Kelly Wang, Dan Jurafsky, Stefan Wager
NAACL, 2018 (code, project homepage)

JESC: Japanese-English Subtitle Corpus
Reid Pryzant, Young-joo Chung, Denny Britz, Dan Jurafsky
LREC, 2018 (dataset homepage)

Predicting Sales from the Language of Product Descriptions
Reid Pryzant, Young-joo Chung, Dan Jurafsky
SIGIR -- eCom, 2017 (Stanford news article on this)

Effective Domain Mixing for Neural Machine Translation
Reid Pryzant, Denny Britz, Quoc Le
EMNLP -- WMT, 2017

Monitoring Ethiopian Wheat Fungus with Satellite Imagery and Deep Feature Learning
Reid Pryzant, Stefano Ermon, David Lobell
CVPR -- EarthVision, 2017 (best presentation award)

The Prochlorococcus Carbon Dioxide-Concentrating Mechanism
Claire Ting, Kate Dusenbury, Reid Pryzant, et al.
Photosynthesis Research, 2015

The Prochlorococcus Carboxysome: Links to Ecotype Differentiation
Claire Ting, Reid Pryzant.
American Society for Microbiology Meeting, 2014

Metagenomic Analysis of Sargasso Sea Microbiomes
Reid Pryzant, Claire Ting
Williams College Summer Research Poster Session, 2013

Measuring Data Domain Similarity (2017)
Say you have some translation data from (a) courtrooms and (b) talk shows.
This package lets you measure the difference between those domains.

NMT (2017)
State-of-the-art neural machine translation system

Self-Playing Atari Bots (2016)
1 Implementation of the classic Atari game Breakout
2) Reproduced some reinforcement learning algorithms that teach computers to play it
[Poster] [Paper]

SequenceAnalyzer (2014)
Efficient, easy-to-use genomic toolkit

Google -- 2018 internship

Apple -- 2017 internship

Quantcast -- 2015 and 2016 internships

Jana -- 2014 internship