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While relatively few complete curricula have been written and adopted for early computer science, there exist a number of programming languages and software tools for supporting such a program of study. Here, we list several of the most popular products, organized by grade level. In general, simple games and other educational programs are recommended for pre-k through kindergarten to help students become adjusted to using computer technology. Then, during elementary school students are introduced to rudimentary programming and algorithmics through graphical environments and small, isolated programming languages that provide significant support for beginners. In middle school, we begin to introduce more practical programming skills through Python, HTML, and other simpler languages. Finally, students are prepared for a more serious study of topics in computer science in high school, using Java and Python to prepare for the APCS exam andindependently explore advanced topics. Throughout this list of suggested software, special emphasis is placed on open-source and free software that students can use without much additional expense to the school. Also, the software is purposefully chosen to align with the proposed curriculum for computer science education.

Early Acquisition of Computer Science · ©2008 Justin Solomon and Peter Rusev