Stanford Robotics Seminar, Spring 2014.

Fridays, 12noon-1.45pm. Robotics Lab, #119, Gates Building.

The Stanford Robotics Seminar provides a forum for robotics researchers across the campus to share their work. Each seminar will have four to five talks, and will be followed by a short discussion and potentially some demos. Lunch will be served before the seminar starts. The seminar this year is co-organized by the Cutkosky, Delp, Okamura, and Khatib labs.

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Date Talk Speaker
Fri, May 30 Seminar #5 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Challenges in extending sampling based motion planning to the stochastic setting Lucas Janson
Hapkit: A low-cost educational haptic device Tania Morimoto
A dynamical system approach to learning robot motions from human demonstrations Mohammad Khansari
3D ultrasound with a single transducer Mark Stauber
Fri, May 16 Seminar #4 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Design methodologies for a remotely teleoperated bimanual underwater robot Xiyang Yeh
Tactor-induced skin stretch as a sensory substitution method in teleoperation Sam Schorr
Hand design for an underwater humanoid robot Hannah Stuart
Developing musculoskeletal models Apoorva Rajagopal
The metabolics of human biomechanical simulations Chris Dembia
Fri, May 02 Seminar #3 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Novel instrument for kinematic measurements of mild traumatic brain injury Fidel Hernandez
Opposed Grip Mechanisms for Inverted Perching Morgan Pope
Robust and Flexible Control of Muscle-Driven Simulation Justin Si
Contact Event Detection for Robotic Drilling Alice Wu
Learning complex neural network policies with trajectory optimization Sergey Levine
Fri, Apr 18 Seminar #2 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Sensory Substitution using 3-Degree-of-Freedom Tangential and Normal Skin Deformation Feedback Zhan Fan Quek
Scalable Control of Pin Arrays Ryder Winck
Combining Haptics and Functional Neuroimaging to Study Human Motor Control Samir Menon
Simulation-based Design of Performance Enhancing Devices for a Standing Long Jump Carmichael Ong
Fri, Apr 4 Seminar #1 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Humanoid Multi-contact Locomotion for 3D Unstructured Environments Caspar Chung
Towards the neural dynamics of motor feedback control Daniel O'Shea
Closed-loop Stiffness and Damping Accuracy of Impedance-type Haptic Displays using Effective Impedances Nick Colonnese
Robot Control with Spiking Neurons Sam Fok

Organizing Staff

Samir Menon

Khatib Lab

Santhi Elayaperumal

Cutkosky Lab

Ryder Winck

Okamura Lab

Jenny Yong

Delp Lab

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