Stanford Robotics Seminar, Fall 2014.

Fridays, 12noon-1.45pm. Robotics Lab, #119, Gates Building.

The Stanford Robotics Seminar provides a forum for robotics researchers across the campus to share their work. Each seminar will have four to five talks, and will be followed by a short discussion and potentially some demos. Lunch will be served before the seminar starts. The seminar this year is co-organized by the Cutkosky, Delp, Okamura, and Khatib labs.

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Date Talk Speaker
Fri, Dec 05 Seminar #5 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Motion tracking with 3D shape, color, and motion cues David Held
Underwater Grasp Evaluation with a Compliant Robotic Hand Hannah Stuart
Skin Deformation Display for Enhanced Driver Situational Awareness Chris Ploch
Perching and Vertical Climbing: Design of a Multimodal Robot Matt Estrada
O2, the underwater diver Xiyang Yeh
Fri, Nov 21 Seminar #4 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Hopping Robots in Space: Hybrid Locomotion for the Exploration of Small Solar System Bodies Benjamin Hockman
A User Interface for Teleoperation Brian Soe
Context Dependent Mapping of Natural Language to Action Plan Dipendra Misra
A Skin-Stretch Haptic Device for Improved Control of Brain-Computer Interfaces Sean Sketch and Darrel Deo
Resonance: A New Perspective on Brain Dynamics Kaveh Laksari
Fri, Nov 7 Seminar #3 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Direct volume rendering for deformable models Brian Jo
Magnetically steered microcatheters Lizmarie Comenencia
Learning user preferences over robot trajectories Ashesh Jain
Contact-state based filtering for haptic studies Keegan Go
µTugs: controllable adhesives enabling micro robots to deliver macro loads David Christensen
Fri, Oct 24 Seminar #2 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
Grasping without Squeezing:Shear Adhesion Gripper with Fibrillar Thin Film Elliot Hawkes
Haptic-fMRI Design Paradigms Hari Ganti
Anticipatory Planning for Human-Robot Teams Hema Koppula
Position/force control for unmodelled, soft robots Michael Yip
Scaling Controllable Adhesives to Grapple Floating Objects in Space Hao Jiang
Fri, Oct 3 Seminar #1 (Talk abstracts and Speaker Details)
User experiment with Force sensing needle and 1DOF Haptic feedback system Jung Hwa
Acceleration filters for Haptic fMRI Jack Zhu
Integrating motion generation and variable impedance control Mohammad Khansari
Effects of Master-Slave Tool Misalignment in a Teleoperated Surgical Robot Clifford Bargar
Experimental Evaluation of a Passively Morphing Ornithopter Aimy Wissa

Organizing Staff

Samir Menon

Khatib Lab

Mohammad Khansari

Khatib Lab

Aimy Wissa

Cutkosky Lab

Kirk Nichols

Okamura Lab

Ashesh Jain

Saxena Lab (Cornell)

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