Stanford Robotics Seminar, Spring 2013.

Fridays, 12noon-1.45pm. Robotics Lab, #119, Gates Building.

The Stanford Robotics Seminar provides a forum for robotics researchers across the campus to share their work. Each seminar will have four to five talks, and will be followed by a short discussion and potentially some demos. Lunch will be served before the seminar starts.


Date Talk Speaker
04/ 05/ 2013 Seminar #1
3D Robotic Needle Steering: Teleoperated Control and Ultrasound Segmentation Troy Adebar & Ann Majewicz
Haptic Feedback of a Force-Sensing Needle for MRI-Guided Interventions Jung Hwa Bae & Santhi Elayaperumal
Design, Control, and Simulation Strategies for Haptic Interfaces Francois Conti
Model Mediated Teleoperation of Robots in Space Demo Ryder Winck
Robosimian Hand Paul Karplus
04/ 19/ 2013 Seminar #2
Optimizing Locomotion Controllers Using Biologically-Based Actuators and Objectives Jack Wang
Robotics-based Reconstruction and Synthesis of Human Motion Emel Demircan
Simulation-Based Tools for Evaluating Underactuated Hand Designs Daniel Aukes
Compliant Multi-Contact Control for ASIMO Taizo Yoshikawa
Replacing the Office Intern: An Autonomous Coffee Run with a Mobile Manipulator Tony Pratkanis
04/ 26/ 2013 Seminar #3
Humanoid Robotics: A Journey of Environment Manipulation, Language, and Control Prof. Mike Stilman
05/ 03/ 2013 Seminar #4
Model-less Control of Continuum Manipulators Michael Yip
Framework for Online Motion-Plan Modification Jinsung Kwon
Haptic Rendering of Medical Image Data for Surgical Rehersal Sonny Chan
A Deformable Geometry, Variable Stiffness Tactile Display for Encountered-Type Haptics Andrew Stanley
Muscular Strategy Shift in Human Running Across a Range of Speeds Tim Dorn
05/ 17/ 2013 Seminar #5
Autonomous Robotic Palpation: Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Hard Inclusions in Soft Tissues Michael Yip
A Capacitive Normal/Shear Sensor for Dynamic Force Measurements Alice Wu
Spatial Haptic Interfaces as Open Source Hardware: A Future Toolkit for User Innovation Jonas Forsslund
Efficient Jumpgliding as a Test Case for Bimodal Locomotion Morgan Pope (presented by Andrew Kessler & Hao Jiang)
05/ 31/ 2013 Seminar #6
Artificial Intelligence: The First 100 Years Jerry Kaplan
Human Motor Performance in Robot-Assisted Surgery Iliana Nisky
A Passive Master-Slave System for MRI-Guided Interventions Santhi Elayaperumal
Tibiofemoral Forces are Sensitive to Variations in Muscle Activity during Walking Matt DeMers
Skin Stretch Feedback for Sensory Augmentation/Substitution Zhan Fan Quek
Guided Policy Search for Humanoid Locomotion Sergey Levine

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