Research Interests

College students make consequential choices with high uncertainty, yet critical course information may not be available to all students, and students’ decision-making process is largely poorly instrumented. With a great fortune to collaborate with people from many fields, I have built and researched Carta, a data-driven web application for course planning and exploration. Carta is regularly used by more than 90% of Stanford undergraduates. By making this process in higher education more data driven, online, and designed, we make visible the invisible undercurrents of student decision-making, and make it possible to nudge behavior (e.g., in exploring out-of-major courses) in measurable and generalizable ways.

Some general areas of interest:

  • Data science (e.g., description, prediction, inference, causality, data visualization)

    • Machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) in general

    • Applications: education analytics, digital platform

    • Methodology/algorithms: randomized field experiments, causal inference and reinforcement learning (and their connections)

  • Human-computer interaction: social computing, information systems, decision support systems, user-centered design

  • Social sciences: quantitative/computational social science, social and psychological factors in interactive technologies

Working Papers

  • Carta: A window into how college students explore and choose courses

  • Reducing a Social Psychological Threat in Exploring Out-of-Major College Courses

  • Gender, grades, and pathways: Evidence from three public universities

  • Bootstrapping Sequential Recommendation Systems from Passive Data

  • Choices, Identities, Paths: Understanding Students’ Academic Decisions

Publications and Manuscripts

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