• 2018, Best Paper Award, the ACM Conference on Learning at Scale

  • 2016, The Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) 2016 Grant

  • 2016, Support from Dean's Office in recognition of the University wide impact of the Carta project

  • 2014, Stanford Graduate Fellowship from the Leland T. Edwards Fellowship Fund

  • 2014, Featured in the MuddMath Newsletter. Tips: To find me, you can search for my lastname Chaturapruek in the document.

MuddMath Newsletter 

MuddMath Newsletter
2014, Vol. 8, No. 1

  • 2014, RIF Hutchings Prize for Outstanding Performance in the Mathematical Putnam Competition, Harvey Mudd College

  • 2014, Departmental Honors in Computer Science, Harvey Mudd College

  • 2014, Departmental Honors in Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College

  • 2013-4, The 2013 Giovanni Borrelli Fellowship. Harvey Mudd College Mathematics Department.
    Awarded annually to one Harvey Mudd student that has a strong potential in mathematical research. This award is also to recognize a high-quality research proposal and an exemplary class work at Harvey Mudd. The fellowship comes with a $5000 stipend and $1000 for traveling costs to research seminars.(During 2012-3, also received an honorable mention for the 2012 Giovanni Borrelli Fellowship)

  • 2012, Ranked 14th nationally out of 4,277 students in the 2012 Putnam Mathematical Competition.
    (N1 category, which is the second-highest level of distinction possible in the Competition (immediately under Putnam Fellow)). The median score was 0 out of a total of 120 points (my score was 61). $1,000 prize from the Competition and $300 from Harvey Mudd College. (Top 100 in 2011, and and Top 200 in 2010)

  • 2012, The Courtney S. Coleman Prize in Mathematics,
    given annually to two rising juniors who excel in mathematics, the Mathematics Department, Harvey Mudd College

  • 2011, The James Prize in Mathematics, given annually to two rising sophomores who excel in mathematics, the Mathematics Department, Harvey Mudd College

  • 2010, The Royal Thai Government Scholarship for the undergraduate study in the U.S. Full-tuition and stipends. The award is highly competitive since thousands of students apply and take exams each year, and approximately 100 students are awarded with scholarship.

  • 2010, Ranked 16th nationally in the Virginia Tech Regional Math Exam (1st among Harvey Mudd students)

  • 2010, Henry N. Square Computer Science & Mathematics Awards, Prize Day, Kent School, CT

  • 2010, Individual first place in General Electric’s Connecticut Contest in Computer Science

  • 2010, Individual first prize $6,000 scholarship winner in the Twenty-Second Annual Worcester Polytechnic Institute Mathematics Meet

  • 2008, Bronze Medal, the XX Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad 2008 (APMO)

  • 2008, The Long-Term Junior Science Talent Project (JSTP) Scholarship. Grants for conducting research Present in Thailand for the 2008 project and for future research in Thailand. The project I conducted using this grant is titled On Sequences of Bicentric Quadrilaterals.

  • 2006, Gold Medal, Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO) (Senior Section)

  • 2006, Gold Medal, Thailand Mathematical Olympiad (TMO)