Accepted Contributions

Authors Title
Arunkumar Byravan, Mathew Monfort, Brian Ziebart, Byron Boots, and Dieter Fox Graph-based Inverse Optimal Control for Robot Manipulation
Pietro Falco and Dongheui Lee Is a unified theory possible for robotics in unstructured environments?
Fanny Ficuciello, Luigi Villani, and Bruno Siciliano The role of Impedance Modulation and Redundancy Resolution in Human-Robot Interaction
Hadi Rahmat-Khah, Ehsan Zahedi, and Mehrdad Zadeh Variable Gesture-based Haptic Guidance for Human-Robot Interaction
Francesco Romano, Daniele Pucci, Silvio Traversaro, Jorhabib Eljaik, and Francesco Nori Whole-body Force Control of the iCub Humanoid Robot for Balancing Tasks
Takashi Sato, Alexander Schmitz, Satoshi Funabashi and Sophon Somlor Compliance and Learning for Robust In-Hand Manipulation of Variously Sized and Shaped Objects
Chi Zhang, Hao Zhang, and Lynne E. Parker Feature Space Decomposition for Autonomous Robot Adaptation in Programming by Demonstration