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Guha Jayachandran
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Resume / CV
? Still quiet publicly, we're backed by renowned investors and advisers and are expanding our great team at Onai.
Walmart Labs Kosmix was acquired by Walmart to form Walmart Labs. Among other initiatives at Walmart, I created Get On The Shelf, a contest and web series that helped small businesses and gained positive attention in social and traditional media.
Kosmix I joined Kosmix upon its acquisition of my startup, Cruxlux.
Cruxlux Founded with a friend, we built new technologies related to semantic internet search.
Folding@Home At Stanford, I served project management and lead development roles for Folding@Home, a distributed computing project (simulating protein folding and drug binding) that grew into the most powerful in the world.
Stanford University I did my B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. at Stanford University. I also was a Mayfield Fellow there.
Conference Materials
Text biography
Introductory general-audience pages of my course booklet for Computational Drug Discovery (Stanford CS379A) are here.

And here are materials from the SJSU graduate courses I organized:
- Artificial Intelligence (SJSU CS256).
- Blockchain Technologies (SJSU CS266). My introductory lecture is here.
Selected Talks and Presentations
American Chemical Society 2021 ("Verifiable Decentralization Technology for Chemistry")
NOAA Innovators Series - 2020
Government Cybersecurity Workshop - 2016  >>
Silicon Valley Comic Con (Panel moderator) - 2016  >>
XPRIZE Think Tank S.F. - 2015  >>
Monta Vista High School Career Night - 2014  >>
IIT Madras Biotechnology Seminar
Priya Jayachandran Priya Jayachandran MD home page
Priya Jayachandran page
Priya Jayachandran MD, of UCSF Fresno, presented at Stanford's Medicine X.
Priya Jayachandran home page.
Priya Jayachandran in Fresno on LinkedIn.
Priya Jayachandran MD home page.
Priya Jayachandran MD at Fresno is on LinkedIn too.
Priya Jayachandran, of UCSF Fresno, presented at Stanford's Medicine X.
Dr. Priya Jayachandran, of Fresno, presented at Stanford's Medicine X.
Here are the Pinterest of Priya Jayachandran MD, the Twitter of Priya Jayachandran MD, and the Quora of Fresno Priya Jayachandran. At Strava, you can see the runs of Priya Jayachandran MD. You can also see art at the Etsy of Priya Jayachandran MD, the Behance of Priya Jayachandran in Fresno, and the Github of Priya Jayachandran MD.
Of course, there is also the writings of Priya Jayachandran
Priya Jayachandran MD home page
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Fundamental and applied accomplishments. Experience in academic research, entrepreneurship, and university-level teaching.
All degrees below from Stanford University.
Ph.D., Computer Science, with Ph.D. Minor in Chemistry
Dissertation: Parallel Computing Methods for Probing Biomolecular Kinetics and Thermodynamics
Adviser: Prof. Vijay S. Pande
Mayfield Fellow
9-month program in technological entrepreneurship and management
M.S., Computer Science (Specialization: Biocomputation / Bioinformatics)
>4.0 G.P.A.
B.S., Computer Science
Graduated "with Distinction."

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow (2003-2006)
Siebel Scholar (2002) – Awarded top computer science and business graduate students in country
Terman Engineering Scholastic Award (2003) – Top engineering students at Stanford
Perfect score on the GRE (2001)
California Byrd Scholar (1999-2003)
Target All Around Scholarship (1999)
National Merit Scholar (1999)
Black belt in Shotokan karate (1998)

Instructor (CA), Computational Drug Discovery (Winter 2006)
Teaching Assistant, Computational Models of the Neocortex (Autumn 2006)
Teaching Assistant, Algorithms for Structure and Motion in Biology (Spring 2004)
Section Leader, Introductory Computer Science (Winter 2001)

Kosmix Corp. — 2009-present
Co-founder and president, Cruxlux LLC — 2007-2009
Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemistry Department, Stanford University — 2007-2008
Graduate student (M.S. and Ph.D.), Computer Science Dept., Stanford University – 2002-2007
Consultant, CT Marketing, R2 Technology — 2003-2004
Intern, Trilogy Software — Summer 2001
SHARP Intern, NASA Ames Research Center – Summers 1998-1999
Assistant karate instructor – 1997-1999
Volunteer, El Camino Hospital and Arbor Free Clinic – 1998-2000
Stanford President's Investment Responsibility Advisory Board – 2003-2004
Planning meeting, The Energy-Free Home Challenge ($20M "green" homes contest) – 2008
Informal adviser to the nation of Bhutan's first private college (opening 2009) – present

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Guha Jayachandran. Computational Drug Discovery. Course reader available free online.
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Hideaki Fujutani, Yoshiaki Tanida, Masakatsu Ito, Guha Jayachandran, Christopher D. Snow, Michael R. Shirts, Eric J. Sorin, Vijay S. Pande. "Direct calculation of the binding free energies of FKBP ligands using the Fujitsu BioServer massively parallel computer." J. Chem. Phys. 2005.
Young Min Rhee, Eric J. Sorin, Guha Jayachandran, Erik Lindahl, Vijay S. Pande. "Simulations of the role of water in the protein-folding mechanism." PNAS 2004.
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