Guha  Jayachandran,  Ph.D. | guhaj@cs.stanford  e d u




Fundamental and applied accomplishments. Experience in entrepreneurship, research, and university-level teaching.



All degrees below from Stanford University.


Ph.D., Computer Science, with Ph.D. Minor in Chemistry



Dissertation: Parallel Computing Methods for Probing Biomolecular Kinetics and Thermodynamics




Adviser:  Prof. Vijay S. Pande



Mayfield Fellow



9-month program in technological entrepreneurship and management



M.S., Computer Science (Specialization: Biocomputation/Bioinformatics)



>4.0 G.P.A.



B.S., Computer Science



Graduated "with Distinction."



National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow

Siebel Scholar – Awarded top computer science and business graduate students in country

AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship (declined)

Terman Engineering Scholastic Award – Top engineering students at Stanford

Perfect score on the GRE

California Byrd Scholar

Target All Around Scholarship

National Merit Scholar

Black belt in Shotokan karate



Available upon request. Few recommendations visible here.



CEO, Onai

Lecturer, San Jose State University

Adviser, Collective Health

Director of Engineering, WalmartLabs

Semantic products, Kosmix

Co-founder, Cruxlux

Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemistry Department, Stanford University

Consultant, CT Marketing, R2 Technology

Intern, Trilogy Software

SHARP Intern, NASA Ames Research Center



Assistant karate instructor

Volunteer, El Camino Hospital and Arbor Free Clinic

Stanford President's Investment Responsibility Advisory Board

Siebel Scholars China Delegation



Lecturer, Blockchain Technologies (Topics in Cryptography)

Lecturer, Deep Learning (Topics in Artificial Intelligence)

Instructor (CA), Computational Drug Discovery

Teaching Assistant, Computational Models of the Neocortex

Teaching Assistant, Algorithms for Structure and Motion in Biology

Section Leader, Introductory Computer Science



Shriphani Palakodety, Ashiqur R. KhudaBukhsh, Guha Jayachandran. Low Resource Social Media Text Mining. SpringerBriefs in Computer Science book series. 2021.

Shriphani Palakodety, Guha Jayachandran, Aditya V. Thakur. "An SMT Approach To A Multiparty Economic Scheduling Problem." 17th International Workshop on Satisfiability Module Theories (SMT19). 2019.

Volkmar Frinken, Satish Ravindran, Shriphani Palakodety, Guha Jayachandran, Nilesh Powar. "Video and Audio Data Extraction for Retrieval, Ranking and Recapitulation (VADER3)." IAPR Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition. 2018.

Guha Jayachandran. Computational Drug Discovery. Course reader available free online.