Other Important Organizations

In addition to Network Solutions, ICANN and WIPO, several other organizations are taking an important role in the Domain Name controversy.

US Department of Commerce (DOC)

The US DOC published its Green Paper proposal for domain name system revision on January 30, 1996. The proposal releases the domain name system from US Government control and funding. Transfer of control is currently being implemented, with complete transfer to be completed by September 20, 2000.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is the actual government body, which handles the governmentÍs contract with Network Solutions, Inc.


InterNIC is an organization which includes AT&T, Network Solutions and the National Science Foundation. These three companies control directory management (AT&T), database services (AT&T), and domain name registration for the Internet (NSI). InterNIC was formed in 1992, when the National Science Foundation sought bids from companies to control domain names.

Offers a search tool to find out if a specified domain name is already being used. Also has a link to Domain Name Registration, with a Resources catagory to help with policies and payment options.

Center for Democracy and Technology

Maintained by the Center for Democracy and Technology, this site includes access to the proceedings of the Forum on Internet Domain Names. Good analysis of the major issues in the domain name debate and identification of the viewpoints of major parties in the issue.

Domain Name Rights Coalition

A very comprehensive website which includes many links. The site is maintained by the Domain Name Rights Coalition, which fights against the current Domain Name Dispute Policy. This section of their page offers access to many of the legal and policy positions papers that have been involved in this issue.

Internet Ad Hoc Committee (IHAC)

The Internet Ad Hoc Committee, which includes representatives from many international organizations, was created by the Internet Society in response to the problems concerned with domain name policy. The IHAC submitted a proposal called the Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU) which offered suggestions for the distribution of domain names.

The Private Sector Working Group (PSWG)

The Private Sector Working Group was established as a lobbying organization that works to influence governmental changes to the Internet's structure. The original members of the organization include AT&T, Bell South and the UK company Prince Plc. Current membership now total 30 companies involved in telecommunications, computers and the retail industry. The objectives of the organization are centered on two areas of concern:

  • The expansion of DNS and its impact on trademark law

  • Domain name governance

PSWG response to the Green Paper included suggestions to

  • lengthen the transition time for implementation of the 5 new TLDs and

  • create a better and more unified dispute resolution process.