About this website

This is website is part of a class project for Computers, Ethics and Social Responsibility at Stanford University. The purpose of the site is to understand the importances of the Domain Name System and how critical it is that the process of allocating names is consistent and fair.

A word about the authors

Andrew Allen
Andrew is a Master's student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford. He is also employed by Hewlett-Packard in Ft. Collins, Colorado, where he designs microprocessors for the PA-RISC family of workstations and servers. Currently, he is spending the Winter '98-'99 quarter on campus to finish his degree that he has been working on part-time from Colorado since 1994 via the SITN (Stanford Instructional Television Network), a program offering graduate degrees part-time while working in industry. When not overwhelmed with homework and final projects, he enjoys snowboarding and volunteering at his local LGB community center (the Lambda Community Center).
Michelle Gervais
Michelle is a junior in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University.
Gina L. Rafanelli
Gina is a senior majoring in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management at Stanford University.
Justin Rowe
Justin Rowe is a junior in Computer Science at Stanford University. His interests include database technologies and their applications, live music, and long distance relationships.
Carlin Wiegner
Carlin is a Senior in Science, Technology and Society. His focus is in Software Design and Human-Computer Interaction. Carlin took two years off to start a software company that built tools to enable Internet software distribution and management.