Case Study



The following examples were collected by Sonja Wong (Binky/BinkAway) during her time on line. Her own descriptions preface them. Warning these sessions have language that is not suitable for younger readers.

"[This] is an example of how a channel operator (in this case, me) controls who he/she wants in the channel. The guy was being a putz, so I kicked him. I suppose I could have done worse, but that would be a little harsh. Since I didn't get any complaints about him from anyone, I just kicked him from the channel so he wouldn't be a pain."

*** OLALLO_R (berna@tntmex1-1-161.telmex.net.mx) has joined #Camelot
 i've seeen people do it!
 mexico 2 - usa 1
 scary coo!
 I havn't seen any DVD's on the net
> de que diablos estas hablando?
 but I guess its possible
 would kill a server
 very quick
 you can e-mail dvd's over the net if you got the right equipment
 i know this guy that bootlegs them that way
 mexico win 2 - 1 usa
 think I just pay $14.95 at buy.com but its a neat idea
 he buys the dvd and sends it to certain people, then he gets
> futbol?
 scoocker i think binks
 pendejo binky
 DVD's avg somewhere around 4.5mbits/s
> uh huh
 can burst up to 9mbits/s
> el pendejo eres tu
 chinga tu madre pinche puto
> oh ouch
> I'm so hurt
 my cable record is 2.1mbits/s
> stop it, you'll make me cry
 los dos son pandejos
 I've seen it go as high as 4mbits/s...but then the cable
modem limiter kicks in
 and it goes back down
> can a person BE any more Mexican?
> l0ser
 oh great, both rooms i'm in 
 are talking shop
 of which i know nothing about.
 don't you remember you told me loved me baby?
 we've got a cool network setup at work
OLALLO_R is berna@tntmex1-1-161.telmex.net.mx * berna
OLALLO_R on #Camelot #mordor 
OLALLO_R using Matnet.AK.CastleNet.Org [] Matnet Internet
OLALLO_R End of /WHOIS list.
 said you'd be comin back this way again, baby..
 have about 12 buildings all over the city connected with
 milky pendejo
-> *merlin* opmsg is she singing again?
-Merlin- | OPMSG |-Binky- is she singing again?
 and are converting all the local networks over to 100mbit
> ml kick olallo_r enough of your PATHETIC name calling
*** OLALLO_R was kicked by Merlin (enough of your PATHETIC name calling )


"[This is] a join flood--flood the channel by joining clones, and killing people's connections because they can't handle all the joins at once. This stuff zips past the screen in milliseconds! So he was cloning, and he tried to join flood..so they tried to masskill him (kill all users sharing the same dns as the guy). But as you can see, his connection died on his end, so it didn't matter in the end."

*** surf1 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf4 (taylor@wants.an.O.line.so.he.can.get.the.serious.net-sex.org)
has joined #camelot
*** surf2 (taylor@taught.your.sister.how.to.be.a.skank.org) has joined
*** surf3 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf5 (taylor@has.sore.fingers.from.net-sex.org) has joined #camelot
*** surf6 (taylor@snooped.your.tty.while.you.had.net-sex.org) has joined
*** surf7 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf8 (taylor@jms.negation.net) has joined #camelot
*** surf9 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf10 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf11
has joined #camelot
*** surf12 (taylor@cla.ms) has joined #camelot
*** surf13 (taylor@mentos.net) has joined #camelot
*** surf14 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf15 (taylor@ohdesan.goes.to.channel.tek.for.free.net-sex.org) has
joined #camelot
*** surf16 (taylor@dumb.fucking.skank.org) has joined #camelot
*** surf17 (taylor@please.dont.bother.me.during.net-sex.org) has joined
*** surf18 (taylor@genitals.org) has joined #camelot
*** surf19 (taylor@has.magnificent.genitals.org) has joined #camelot
*** surf21 (taylor@is.the.King.of.All.Genitals.org) has joined #camelot
*** surf22 (taylor@clams.have.tiny.genitals.org) has joined #camelot
*** surf23 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf20 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf24 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf25 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf26 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf27 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf28 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf32 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf34 (taylor@has.many.thin.gs) has joined #camelot
*** surf29 (taylor@www.pimpadelic-wonderland.negation.net) has joined
*** surf33 (taylor@rubs.his.genitals.on.thin.gs) has joined #camelot
*** surf30 (taylor@pft.negation.net) has joined #camelot
*** surf31 (taylor@likes.drugs.and.chicks.and.thin.gs) has joined
*** surf35 (taylor@likes.thin.gs) has joined #camelot
*** surf39 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf41 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf45 (taylor@clams.have.teensy.weensy.anals.org) has joined
*** surf36 (taylor@thin.gs) has joined #camelot
*** surf44 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf40
has joined #camelot
*** surf43 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf42 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf46 (taylor@my-dru.gs.are.better.than.your-dru.gs) has joined
*** surf47
has joined #camelot
*** surf48 (taylor@has.a.crush.on.your-dru.gs) has joined #camelot
*** surf49 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf38 (taylor@ has joined #camelot
*** surf37 (taylor@gives.ircop.lessons.for.50.dollars.per-hour.com) has
joined #camelot
 ml op
*** Merlin sets mode: +o Jer
*** Jer sets mode: +b surf*!*@*
*** surf1 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf10 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf11 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf12 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf13 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf14 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
 ok that was dumb who would load a buntch of bots into a  main
*** surf15 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf16 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf17 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf18 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** teekayman (taylor@1Cust24.tnt3.lax1.da.uu.net) has left #camelot
*** surf19 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf2 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf20 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf21 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
*** surf22 was kicked by Jer (Jer )
 ml op
*** Merlin sets mode: +o Hacker
*** surf7 was kicked by Hacker (and bloody proud of it )
*** surf40 was kicked by Jer (surf41 surf42 )
 ml masskill *@ dont clone
*** surf3 has quit IRC (Read error to surf3[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf4 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf4[wants.an.O.line.so.he.can.get.the.serious.net-sex.org]: EOF from
client )
*** surf5 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf5[has.sore.fingers.from.net-sex.org]: EOF from client )
*** surf6 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf6[snooped.your.tty.while.you.had.net-sex.org]: EOF from client )
*** surf8 has quit IRC (Read error to surf8[jms.negation.net]: EOF from
client )
*** surf9 has quit IRC (Read error to surf9[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf23 has quit IRC (Read error to surf23[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf24 has quit IRC (Read error to surf24[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf25 has quit IRC (Read error to surf25[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf26 has quit IRC (Read error to surf26[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf27 has quit IRC (Read error to surf27[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf28 has quit IRC (Read error to surf28[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf29 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf29[www.pimpadelic-wonderland.negation.net]: EOF from client )
*** surf30 has quit IRC (Read error to surf30[pft.negation.net]: EOF
from client )
*** surf33 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf33[rubs.his.genitals.on.thin.gs]: EOF from client )
*** surf34 has quit IRC (Read error to surf34[has.many.thin.gs]: EOF
from client )
*** surf35 has quit IRC (Read error to surf35[likes.thin.gs]: EOF from
client )
*** surf36 has quit IRC (Read error to surf36[thin.gs]: EOF from client
*** surf37 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf37[gives.ircop.lessons.for.50.dollars.per-hour.com]: EOF from client
*** surf38 has quit IRC (Read error to surf38[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf39 has quit IRC (Read error to surf39[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf41 has quit IRC (Read error to surf41[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf43 has quit IRC (Read error to surf43[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf45 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf45[clams.have.teensy.weensy.anals.org]: EOF from client )
*** surf46 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf46[my-dru.gs.are.better.than.your-dru.gs]: EOF from client )
*** surf47 has quit IRC (Read error to
EOF from client )
*** surf48 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf48[has.a.crush.on.your-dru.gs]: EOF from client )
*** surf49 has quit IRC (Read error to surf49[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf32 has quit IRC (Read error to surf32[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf42 has quit IRC (Read error to surf42[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf44 has quit IRC (Read error to surf44[]: EOF from
client )
*** surf31 has quit IRC (Read error to
surf31[likes.drugs.and.chicks.and.thin.gs]: EOF from client )
 what in bloody hell was that? :P
 holy hell
 wingate join flood
 that was point less i think
 damn wouldnt let me use a wildcard at the end
 ml ban *@206.16.67.*
*** Merlin sets mode: +b *!*@206.16.67.*
 how did u work out the ip addy?
 ip sniffer
 right chage?? or did u do it diff
 I'm leet. I dont give away my secrets