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Chat Systems

Chat systems come in two models from the user perspective: real-time chat and instant messaging. In a real-time chat, messages from many users appear one after another on the same screen, as soon as they type them. In instant messaging, a user's message appears on the recipient(s) screens as soon as it is sent. The recipients can respond via another instant message. Instant messaging is more like extremely fast e-mail. [learn more]

Electronic Mail, Mailing Lists, and Newsgroups

Electronic mail, mailing lists, and newsgroups are examples of non-real-time electronic communication. People send off messages and receive responses a while later. [learn more]

Gaming Networks, Virtual Worlds, and Other Technologies

Some of the most interesting online communities form around gaming networks (such as battle.net or Sierra On-Line) and virtual worlds (MUDs, MOOs, etc.). Each network has its own purpose, personality, and problems. Governance of such networks depends upon what problems must be addressed. [learn more]