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  • There really is no good statistical data on computer breakins ["National Information" 1, Strothcamp sld. 11]. It is so hard to collect good data primarily because such a small number of breakins are detected ["Latest Web" 4, Strothcamp sld. 11, "Sun Microsystems" 1]. This should not be a surprise, as it is very easy to remain undetected after a breakin to a computer system that has poor security. It still takes a human to detect breakins in many cases, and there are simply not enough people working on the computer security problem for all breakins to be detected.

    Even so, most people agree that computer breakins are increasing dramatically ["Latest Web" 3, "National Information" 1, "Sun Microsystems" 1]. This is based on a few observations, such as the rise in the number of reports of breakins and the proliferation of computers in general ["National Information" 1].

    But still, many detected breakins go unreported. Banks and financial institutions have especially good reasons to neglect to report breakins. After all, if the public finds out, the public is likely to lose confidence in the institution, withdrawing money, and causing its collapse.

    Consder these estimates: