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  • This web site was developed as final project for CS201: Computers, Ethics, and Social Responsibility at Stanford University during Winter Quarter of the 98-99 school year. It was developed by the following team:

    William Cain Will is a junior and a Computer Science major. He is going on the SCTI program in Kyoto, Japan, during spring and summer 1999.
    Linda Fousek Linda is a junior in Computer Science. Her group currently suspects that she's actually bionic. Her interests include cross-country running, distance swimming, and biking.
    Michael Kim Mike is a junior in Computer Science and does research in cryptography. His interests outside of computing include martial arts, social dance, and ultimate frisbee.
    Ben Levitt Ben is a junior in Symbol Systems, planning a concentration in Human-Computer Interface. He likes snowboarding through heavy powder and listening to music by obscure Drum & Bass bands. He has done research in Medical Informatics and in Disability Computing.
    Mark Pearson Mark is a sophomore and a Computer Science (and psychology?) major. He hopes to remain in academia so he doesn't have to meet the real world. He enjoys ultimate frisbee, bridge, and a wild assortment of music.