• Cloud computing can be as secure, if not more secure, than the traditional environment. Services like Google Apps Premier offers the ability to protect data in transit by encrypting it in the pipe between Google and the user's desktop, as well as offer control over who can access the data.
  • Cloud service providers are held to high standards must have security certifications, and are subject to inspections by auditors
  • With Cloud-based services, when a user logs out, the browser cache can be set to flush automatically, leaving nothing on the desktop to be lost or stolen.


  • What happens when the cloud service just dies? All the major Cloud providers have experienced unexpected outages and data loss. Some providers are not properly encrypted.
  • Risky because your Cloud vendor could for some reason or another shut down your account for no apparent reason.
  • Many cloud services don't have customer service.
  • User over-reliance and failure to adequately back-up everything and failure to have a back-up plan.