The Internet in Latin America:
A detailed look at the cases of Mexico and Uruguay

Prodigy InfinitumMexico: ISPs, Prices and Opportunity

The following types of Internet service are availiable in Mexico:

- Dial Up
- WiFi
- Pre-Paid
- Satellite

        Although the NIC Mexico lists hundreds of ISPs in Mexico, Prodigy Internet dominates the Mexican Market with a 92% share, including WiFi hotspots and Broadband DSL. Prodigy Internet’s broadband service is called Prodigy Infinitum, and it is availiable in varying speeds. The prices and speeds can be found directly at the Prodigy website. The price of Prodigy’s cheapest plan (around $30 US per month) is around twice that of leading ISP’s in the US such as  Verizon ($14.99 US per month). Part of the reason why Prodigy has been able to dominate the market so strongly is because it is part of Telmex, the leading Telecom Company in Mexico. Because of its affiliation to Telmex, Prodigy is able to offer convenient internet-telephone packages to clients, which other ISP’s cannot do. Subscribers of Prodigy infinitum also have free access to WiFi hotspots in most airports and shopping malls in the major cities.

        Prodigy currently has a quasi-monopoly status in Mexico, but a handfull of other ISPs survive in niche markets throughout the country. One such niche provider is GLOBALSAT, a satellite ISP provider which boasts complete national coverage, even to the most remote locations. GLOBALSAT’s services are expensive and require a significant initial equipment investment, but they are able to provide Internet service to locations where telephone lines are not availiable.