The Internet in Latin America:
A detailed look at the cases of Mexico and Uruguay



Ing. José de la Herrán. La fibra óptica, maravilla de la comunicación
This article is by the Chief of the “Dirección General de Divulgación de la Ciencia” (Scientific Knowledge Dissipation Department) of the UNAM, Mexico’s biggest public University. It talks about fiber optic cable and how it is used to form a network between the Mexico’s biggest cities, Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara.

Several Articles on Communications in Mexico, Uruguay, and Latin America that we found useful as a platform from which to cunduct further research. The information on most of these pages was sometimes vague, but it was helpful in order to get a general idea of the subject.

e-Mexico website
This website contains a vast ammount of resources for anyone interested about the internet in Mexico. It provides many resources for Students, parents, teachers, native indians, women, children, etc. This website is the platform of Mexico’s e-Mexico campaign, which aims to increase internet penetration in Mexico significantly with a $400 million dollar grant.

 CIA World Fact Book
This website contains reliable (but general) information about every country in the world. We used it to look up some population and Telecommunications statistics. Below are the links to the Mexico and Uruguay pages.

Julia Scheeres. Mexico Wants an E-Revolution
This Wired Magazine article talks a bit about the e-Mexico program and provides a critical view of ist ambitions and accomplishments. It was useful to read some criticism about the program, which was recieved with so much praise that hardly anyone stopped to see if it is just too ambitious.

This is the website of the Mexican Internet Association. It contains an extremely detailed and recent (2007) survey of Mexican internet usage, including demographics. The survey was definitely one of our main sources, it is availiable here:

Ing Oscar Robles. Historia de Internet en México
This article by Ing Oscar Robles of the Sinaloa Institute of Technology describes the history of the internet in Mexico in detail. This article is were we got most of the information for the history of the Internet in Mexico section of our website. This page is availiable in spanish here:

Globalsat and Telmex Webpages
These two pages contain the technical information of both Mexican companies. In the websites one can view their rate plans, equipment, etc. We used these websites to find the the relative prices of different types of internet services in Mexico. The pages are availiable here:

 AntelData and Dedicado Webpages
These two webpages contain the technical information of both Uruguayan companies. The websites include rate plans, costs, etc. These websites were used in the Uruguay ISP section of the website to find relative costs and confirm outside data sources.

Proweb 2005 Study on Internet Usage in Uruguay
Proweb is a NFP organization that intends to promote internet usage in Uruguay. They published an extensive study of internet usage in Uruguay that was extremely helpful. The full 2005 study is availiable in PDF format here:
name=Internet_en_Uruguay_2005.pdf links
These website contain a wealth of links related to the internet in Mexico and Uruguay. Some of the links are a bit outdated, but many of them are useful. These websites include a section on important organizations and regulations regarding the internet from each country. There are also links to articles and statistics, as well as a short pdf overview of each countrie’s connectivity status in the year 2000.

INEGI Website and Ciberhabitat Website

Mexico’s INEGI (National Census and Geographical Data Surveyor) runs the Ciberhabitat website. This website is intended to introduce new  users to the internet. It contains a step by step description of the many uses of the internet, from online banking to gaming. As a project of the Mexican government to promote internet usage, it served as an excellent case study.

Internet Society of Mexico Website
The Internet Society of Mexico is a NFP organization which aims to promote the growth of internet connectivity in Mexico and increase its use as an economic driver. The website contains relevant statistics as well as a section on the Internet Society’s previous accomplishments and future plans. This is the only organization that we found that is working closely with other institutions to promote the creation of internet 2.

NIC Mexico Website
The NIC is the organization responsible for administrating all of the webpages registered under the .mx domain name. It contains useful information about the total number of ISP’s in mexico as well as the number of registered domain names.

Soc. Martín Zamalvide. Estudio exploratorio del proceso de difusión de Internet en Uruguay. 2001
This study provides a concise, yet complete history of the internet in Uruguay as well as a discussion of the roles which different institutions have had in its growth and development.


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