Suggested Solutions

"Yes, I know knowledge is good as is a search for new truths. We, as a bedrock value in our society, have long agreed on the value of open access to information and recognize the problems that arise with attempts to restrict access to the development of knowledge. In recent times we've come to revere scientific knowledge. But despite the strong historical precedents, if open access to an unlimited development of knowledge henceforth puts us all in clear danger of extinction, then common sense demands that we reexamine even these basic, long held truths. Truth cannot be the highest goal."

- Bill Joy, Chief Scientist at Sun Microsystems

Thus, simply searching for scientific truths is not motivation enough to persist in realizing potentially destructive actions. Research and development in areas in which we can foresee clear and present danger to mankind morally should not continue. Instead, we as a society must willingly relinquish our right to develop certain technologies we know may become incredibly dangerous.

Totalitarian Control
This solution assumes that human technology will eventually become dangerous enough to warrant the need to aggressively control all scientific pursuits. It also does not trust the individual to follow the social mores to not pursue those technologies, which have been deemed dangerous. States the father of Artificial Intelligence research Ray Kurzweil, to prevent Armageddon:

I think the only way to forego technology in general would be to have a totalitarian system that would basically use technology to enforce no one else having technology. (Symposium)

Such an ambitious system would then prevent by any means necessary humanity from destroying itself.

From the mindset of the Luddites, this solution suggests dropping our present technology as well as any pursuits to further current technology. This school of thought deems all technology as inherently deleterious to mankind (see Background).

Trust in the Status Quo
A "do nothing" approach to the stated dangers. Imbues a deep sense of trust for individuals to always perform ethical decisions as the circumstance arises. Because mankind has progressed in technology for thousands of years without danger of extinction, there is no cause for any extra regulation. These new problems are simply the old ones resurfacing again and again with each technological innovation.

Writes Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold:
People have an amazing ability to cope with these things and turn them from the amazing into the mundane. (Is Technology a Threat)