1) Given that our current economic system rewards innovation, the progress of technology is thus inevitable. If people continually want for the next best thing, then entrepreneurs will do everything in their power to provide them with that product.

2) Given that the trend of exponential computing has held true for the last fifty years, it is assumed that Moore's Law will continue to hold for the next fifty.

Solutions to Posed Dangers:
Evolution is species-blind. It simply fulfills its dual role of rewarding the fittest with continued life and punishing those who are not with extinction. Humanity currently resides at the top of this hierarchy. As the only sentient beings that are able to manipulate their environment, we enjoy many comforts not afforded other creatures.

If another species were to threaten our position, we have the Darwinian motivation to defend this position. This includes protecting humanity from itself. If its actions ultimately undermine its evolutionary position, then those actions must be stopped. However, determining when to blow the whistle is the debatable issue.

The suggestion of this group after reviewing the solutions posed by the leading minds in the IT field is quite simple. Given the above assumptions, humanity will inevitably revolutionize its current technology many times over in the coming century. Whether these technologies are good or bad is left as an exercise for the implementers of said technology. Based on this conclusion, a decision is made to continue or halt further research. This decision is by no means final because as further knowledge is gained, the view of implications changes.

Inherent in any innovation is the requisite of human control. If robots with artificial intelligence were under the complete control of humanity, then they can pose no threat. Hence, the issue of control is tantamount to deciding whether a certain technology should be implemented.

Therefore, the trust lies within humanity to regulate itself. Knowing full well that danger awaits in the future, it is up to mankind and its scientists to follow the code of ethics and the code of the professional to determine the inherent goodness of technology for everyone. Only through such foresight, can we maintain our position as the strongest species in the land.