Jul. 15, 1994  Microsoft and DOJ enter into Consent Decree controlling Microsoft's licensing practises.
Oct. 1997 DOJ files petition to find Microsoft in contempt of 1994 Consent Decree.
Nov. 10, 1997 Microsoft responds to DOJ's petition.
Dec. 11, 1997 Judge issues  Preliminary Injunction requiring Microsoft to comply with the terms of the 1994 Consent Decree during discovery period for a more in depth antitrust case.
Dec. 11, 1997 Judge appoints Lawrence Lessig as Special Master to the case.
Dec. 15, 1997 Microsoft submits an appeal claiming that the preliminary injunction causes unnecessary injury to Microsoft, and that Windows 95 will not function with Internet Explorer removed.
Dec. 1997 DOJ files motion to find Microsoft in contempt of court for violating the Preliminary Injunction.
Dec. 23, 1997 Microsoft moves to have Lawrence Lessig removed from position of Special Master to the case.
Jan. 14, 1998 Court denies Microsoft's request to remove Lawrence Lessig as Special Master.
Jan. 16, 1998 Microsoft petitions Circuit Court of Appeals to remove Lawrence Lessig from position of Special Master
Jan. 22, 1998 DOJ and Microsoft agree to terms for compliance with Consent Decree
Feb. 2, 1998 Circuit Court of Appeals grants a stay of proceedings before Special Master Lawrence Lessig