Emma Brunskill

I am an associate tenured professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. My goal is to create AI systems that learn from few samples to robustly make good decisions, motivated by our applications to healthcare and education. My lab is part of the Stanford AI Lab, the Stanford Statistical ML group, and AI Safety @Stanford. I was previously an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University. My work has been honored by early faculty career awards (National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, Microsoft Research (1 of 7 worldwide) ) and my work, together with my amazing lab members, has received several best research paper nominations (CHI, EDMx3) and awards (UAI, RLDM, ITS). I am privileged to serve on the International Machine Learning Society (which coordinates ICML) Board, the Khan Academy Research Advisory Board, the Stanford Faculty Women's Forum Steering Committee, and and I previously served on the Women in Machine Learning (WIML) board.

Most recently I served as the co-program chair for the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2023 in Hawaii.

Prospective PhD student applicants: Thank you for your interest! I generally take on new PhD students every year. Admission decisions are made at the departmental level. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me after you are admitted. Unfortunately I generally won't be able to talk to prospective students until after admissions decisions have been made.