Online links to the Edward A. Feigenbaum Papers and digital media

Top page to the Stanford University Edward A. Feigenbaum Papers Archive:

From this page, you can access the online digital collection currently known as Saltworks: which houses over 16000 scanned documents in PDF format.

Also you can access the Online Archive of California (“OAC”)

(2) OAC (finding aid)
–234 items streaming from url of this type:
and like this:
and like this

(3) Digital Collections at STanford: -> ->  or go stright to this…
–Stanford University Digital collections: The History of Artificial Intelligence
about 15 items of this format:

(4) Stanford Digital Repository – Online Deposit
(needs stanford login)


–some items form the computer history museum

–couple of stanford reports of interest:

–videos from Stanford SALT archive:
note that you can link to the whole archive, but also linke to videos/adio directly— some of them require liging into stanford ID…

–here is a public zotero library with a bunch of links to books and media that Ed and I made a while ago to test public libs
— you can add the links directly to an approriate page, and also link to the whol zotero library…

–links to ai handbook:

–link to Computers and thought

Some links I sent you before by email….
Ed just participated in a panel at the ACM A.M. Turing Centenary Celebration in San Francisco last week, you should watch it, it is the second video in the PLAYLIST, “Human and Machine Intelligence”:

Here is a link to his 70th Birthday symposium from last year:
also take a look at some of the links to related people, you will see a lot of correspondence with his colleagues in the collection and it will help to know a little bit about these guys.

Ed is actually a Turing award winner:

Ed was recently inducted into the Hall of Fellows at the Computer History Museum:,Feigenbaum/

Ed at CMU