Courses in Fall 2006:

  • Data Mining
  • Programming Languages
  • Persuasive Technology: Persuading People via the web and mobile phones

  • Courses in Winter 2007:

    • Database Systems Principles
    • Introduction to Biomedical Systems Design
    • Global Entrepreneurial Marketing

    • Courses in Spring 2007:

      • Transaction Processing and Distributed Databases
      • Software Engineering
      • Independent Study with Prof. Atul Butte (Stanford Medical Informatics)
      • Independent Study with Prof. Tom Kosnik (Department of Management Science and Engineering)

      • I will soon make available the results/findings of my work with Prof. Atul Butte, in the meanwhile, it might interest you to take a look at my work with Prof. Tom Kosnik and Rahil Kacheria. It might also interest you to take a look at a blogpost on my blog about my experiences while working on the retail sector of the Indian economy.

        Apart from this, I am also a Research Assistant working with Professor Atul Butte of the Stanford Medical Informatics. I am working on exciting aspects of microarray data analysis, essentially mining data in the huge herbert space of diseases!

        Also, I am co-founder of It contains a number of videos I made for the CS377p course on how websites and video games and mobile technologies persuade people to use their services.