Shiori Sagawa

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I am a second-year PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, advised by Professor Percy Liang. I am supported by the Stanford Graduate Fellowship.

Previously, I received a BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2016. Between my undergraduate and graduate studies, I worked at D. E. Shaw Research.


Distributionally Robust Language Modeling Yonatan Oren*, Shiori Sagawa*, Tatsunori B. Hashimoto*, Percy Liang EMNLP, 2019 [PDF]

Structural mechanism for Bruton’s tyrosine kinase activation at the cell membrane Qi Wang, Yakov Pechersky, Shiori Sagawa, Albert C Pan, David E Shaw PNAS, 2019 [PDF]

The architecture of EGFR’s basal complexes reveals autoinhibition mechanisms in dimers and oligomers Laura C Zanetti-Domingues, Dimitrios Korovesis, Sarah R Needham, Christopher J Tynan, Shiori Sagawa, ... , David E Shaw, Daniel J Rolfe, Peter J Parker, Marisa L Martin-Fernandez Nature Communications, 2018 [PDF]

Validating regulatory predictions from diverse bacteria with mutant fitness data Shiori Sagawa, Morgan N Price, Adam M Deutschbauer, Adam P Arkin PLOS ONE, 2017 [PDF]

Genotype specification language Erin H Wilson*, Shiori Sagawa*, James W Weis*, Max G Schubert*, Michael Bissell, Brian Hawthorne, Christopher D Reeves, Jed Dean, Darren Platt ACS Synthetic Biology, 2016 [PDF]

Paradoxical suppression of small RNA activity at high Hfq concentrations due to random-order binding Shiori Sagawa*, Jung-Eun Shin*, Razika Hussein, Han N Lim Nucleic Acids Research, 2015 [PDF]

Modulating the frequency and bias of stochastic switching to control phenotypic variation Michelle Hung, Emily Chang, Razika Hussein, Katya Frazier, Jung-Eun Shin, Shiori Sagawa, Han N. Lim Nature Communications, 2014 [PDF]