Brennan Shacklett

I am a Ph.D. student at Stanford University advised by Kayvon Fatahalian. My broad interests include problems in the intersection between graphics, systems, and machine learning. Recently, my research has focused on high performance rendering in a variety of different regimes. Prior to beginning my Ph.D., I received my B.S. and M.S. in Systems, also from Stanford University.

Teaching & Industry Experience

6/21 - 9/21

Research Intern in the Intelligent Systems Lab at Intel

Working on 3D simulation and rendering for reinforcement learning and robotics under Vladlen Koltun.

4/19 - 6/19, 4/20 - 6/20

Head Course Assistant for CS348B: Image Synthesis Techniques

Developed new assignments and assisted students. Class taught by Pat Hanrahan and Matt Pharr.

6/19 - 9/19

Research Intern in the Real-Time Rendering group at NVIDIA Research

Worked with Marco Salvi on image supersampling techniques (DLSS) under Aaron Lefohn.

6/16 - 9/16

Research Intern in the Video Compression group at Mozilla Research

Improved performance of the AV1 rate-distortion optimizer under Tim Terriberry.