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If you're having trouble with Adium, please give the following a try:

1) Make sure you're using the newest Adium release

If you're using an older version, the newest release of Adium may already include a fix for your problem.

2) Remove any non-standard Xtra

If you've installed plug-ins or other Adium Xtras, they may be causing your problem (depending on the problem - a contact list style won't cause message view problems, for example). Try this: Quit Adium, then remove the Xtras, then launch Adium again. If that works, start moving Xtras back (relaunching Adium after each one) until the problem reoccurs; then you've found the bad one.

Information on removing and (re)installing Xtras is available in the Adium Xtras documentation.

3) Try a fresh set of preferences

Corrupt or old preferences can be a good source of crashes and other odd behavior. It may also happen that you've managed to configure your Adium in such a way to discover a bug that requires a specific combination of preferences to trigger. It's easy to rule out both of these by trying a fresh set of preferences; see the Adium preferences documentation.

4) Try a fresh user account

Occasionally, an issue in Adium can be caused by a strange setting for your OS X user, or other installed software (especially system mods and hacks). Temporarily creating a new user (in System Preferences -> Accounts) is the best way to check against these issues. Create the account, log out of your account (Apple Menu -> Log Out), and log into the new one. If the problem doesn't occur on the other user account, then you know it's something in your current account. If you don't know where to go from there, Contact Us and we'll help you narrow the field.

If it still doesn't work

Still have your problem? Please see Reporting Bugs, which tells you how to search for existing tickets (in case there already is one) and how to file a new one if one doesn't already exist.