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Preference Files

In some situations, you may want to have access to an account's preferences. This is useful in situations that require copying an account's preferences to a different computer.

Where does Adium save preferences?

Adium's preferences are located at ~/Library/Application Support/Aduim 2.0

  • The preferences are stored in the "Users" folder, under "Default"
  • Other folders in the "Adium 2.0" folder contain your installed AdiumXtras.

There is also a preference file at: ~/Library/Preferences/com.adiumX.adiumX.plist

Troubleshooting Preferences

If you believe that corrupt or oddly configured preferences may be causing problems in Adium, the quickest way to rule out these issues is by temporarily creating a new set of preferences and checking if the problem still persists.

  1. Quit Adium
  2. Rename the "Adium 2.0" folder to "Adium 2.0-old".
  3. Rename the "com.adiumX.adiumX.plist" to "com.adiumX.adiumX-old.plist".
  4. Relaunch Adium. Check if your problems persist.

If that doesn't work, then you want to revert to your previous preferences.

  1. Quit Adium
  2. Delete the new "Adium 2.0" folder that Adium created.
  3. Rename your "Adium 2.0-old" folder back to "Adium 2.0"