Geology Log #3

Areas covered: The Lake District, Central Patagonia, Valdes Peninsula


Found: On a hike near Bariloche in the Argentinean Lake District we found some large clear quartz crystals (a runner-up to the ones found on the Tour du Mont Blanc) and some iron-pyrite deposits. In the town of Puerto Piramides on the Valdes Peninsula we finally had to say goodbye to half of our collection to get ready for the upcoming flight home.

Along with Tim’s amber, the kind lady who ran the shop gave us a nice piece of red cut agate for free.


Found: Tim scoured every roadside stop for fossils. He was rewarded with some nice fossilized wood, and the first fossilized sand dollars we have ever found.

At the craft market in El Bolson Tim bought a piece of Columbian Amber with numerous termites for the bargain price of $33.

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