Geology Log #2

Areas covered: Valley of the Moon (Argentine and Chilean), Altiplano, Bolivia, Copiapó, and Pucón


Found: During a driving tour in the Valley of the Moon (Argentina), Alex found an incredibly clear piece of gypsum and Tim found another yet unidentified crystal. We also went on a hike near the Valley of the Moon and Tim found some of the best pieces of agate so far, including some with crystal caves. Also, Tim found some quartz crystal clusters and a particularly beautiful clear green quartz. In the Argentine Altiplano (high plain) we found something we suspect is iron pyrite and some quartz crystal caves. During our trip to Bolivia we found some very nice sulphur crystals and an AMAZING pink flint two-inch arrowhead. On our way through the Chilean Valley of the Moon we found some nice clear gypsum and another yet unidentified red cube-like crystal.

We visited a crystal museum that had crystals found by the owner and some very nice fossils. Inevitably, Tim bought some gold-brown garnets and some fluorite, while Emily bought an agate hair clip. Later that same day Tim bought some red-brown garnets at a stand and Emily bought a very nice agate crystal key chain. In Bolivia, Tim and Emily both bought nice salt crystals. In the town of Copiapó we went to a dazzling mineral and fossil museum, and also went to visit another José where we bought some very nice crystals and got a tour by the very friendly widow. 
Puerto Montt had some nice jewelry and Emily ended up buying a lapis lazuli and malachite necklace.


During a tour in the Valley of the Moon (Argentina) our guide showed us some very nice fern fossils in a crumbly sandstone. Also, we visited a dinosaur fossil museum near the Valley of the Moon. Yes! We are allowed to buy fossils in Chile. Tim almost immediately bought a very nice small amonite fossil. On an island in the middle of the Bolivian Salt Flat, Tim found some nice coral fossils. In Pucón Tim bought a fish vertebra fossil from a nice hippie. In Puerto Montt Tim bought a pine-cone fossil that the owner claimed could only be found in Patagonia

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