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John McCarthy Award for Excellence in Research, front John McCarthy Award for Excellence in Research, back On 22 Nov 2009, at a reunion celebrating work and life at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab from 1966 to 1980, I was honored to receive one of the gold medals given as the John McCarthy Award for Excellence in Research.

My award was for "Creating the first network news service" -- namely the NS News Service System on the Stanford AI Lab computer in 1974. NS was a search engine that could instantly retrieve news stories from the Associated Press and New York Times news wires that NS stored and indexed.

Read more in this NY Times story, this Stanford Engineering article, and in the list of gold medal award winners (PDF).

Living Computer Museum Honors Computer Pioneers On 2 April 2013, the Living Computer Museum (LCM) held a gala event to celebrate its grand opening. More than 100 computer pioneers attended the event, representing personalities from the earliest timesharing system to the early waves of innovation in the microcomputer world. That's me in the center in the blue shirt. Bill and Paul are in the row just in front of me. Names of Guests at Living Computer Museum

Lyn Hardy and Martin Frost at Caltech's Lloyd House's 50th birthday On 22 Jan 2011, I attended a party at Caltech's Lloyd House -- the house I was in, and president of, as a Caltech undergrad in the 60's. The party was celebrating Lloyd's 50th birthday as well as the 50th anniversary of the infamous Rose Bowl prank carried out by some clever Lloydies four years before I arrived there. Pictured here with me is Lyn Hardy, the mastermind of the Rose Bowl prank, in which 2232 sets of instructions for Washington card section students were replaced with new instructions that successfully displayed "CALTECH" on the game's national TV coverage (see picture below). You can read more in this LA Times article and in this Caltech story.

CALTECH at the 1961 Rose Bowl Game


M.S. in CS



The Stanford Court Jugglers meet on Wednesday evenings. The web page contains directions to our meetings, a list of upcoming festivals and pointers to other interesting juggling web sites. If you want, you can watch the video of SJRI's Teams silver-medal performance at the 2004 IJA juggling festival. You'll find lots of Stanford/SJRI club passing videos on my youtube channel. The International Jugglers' Association honored me in 2012 by making me an Honorary Life Member.

Read the story of how it only took me 33 1/3 years to get my Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

The Mostly Balkan folkdance group meets Thursday evenings at the Menlo Park (CA) Rec Center. The web page shows the class schedule, along with links to other folkdance resources.

I've compiled lists of home runs hit by Ruth, Mantle, Maris, McGwire, Sosa and Bonds in their best seasons through 2001.

Martin collects 74 clubs in the games at the 2010 Berkeley Juggling & Unicycle Festival (photo by Seth Golub)

Martin collects 74 clubs in the games at the 2010 Berkeley Juggling & Unicycle Festival

Click on video above to watch the fun SJRI silver-medal routine.

SJRI performs the Happenstance Line at the 2004 Isla Vista Juggling Festival

The Stanford Juggling Research Institute (SJRI) makes a presentation at the 2004 Isla Vista Juggling Festival: Martin Frost, NeilFred Picciotto, and Rick Rubenstein.

Vova & Olga win IJA gold medal, and SJRI wins silver medal (Buffalo, 2004)

SJRI receives the silver medal in the International Jugglers' Association's 2004 Teams Championships (Vova & Olga win gold).

Martin and his clubs
The silver medal

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