Jure Leskovec


Videos of my CS224W: Machine Learning with Graphs, which focuses on representation learning and graph neural networks. CS224W 2021 Syllabus.

Videos of my CS246W: Mining Massive Datasets course, which focuses on algorithms for large-scale data mining and machine learning. CS246 2021 Syllabus.


Mining of Massive Datasets co-authored with A. Rajaraman and J. Ullman. Published by Cambridge University Press. Free PDF of the book.


I gave a number of tutorials and overview talks about the structure, models and algorithms for large social and information networks, and diffusion of information and viruses in them. Below are videos and slides of some of them.

Below are links to the videos of the talks and slides.

Tutorial on Social Media Analytics.
Tutorial at the ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2011.
Dynamics of Large Networks
CMU Machine Learning Department thesis defense talk, 2008.
22,000 views on Videolectures!
Modeling Social and Information Networks: Opportunities for Machine Learning
Tutorial at ICML, 2009.
Tools for large graph mining: structure and diffusion
Tutorial at WWW, 2008.
Tutorial has 4 parts: Statistical properties and models, Diffusion and cascading behavior, Matrix tools for large graphs, and Case studies.

Mining Large Graphs: Models, Diffusion and Case Studies
Tutorial at ECML/PKDD, 2007.
Tutorial has 3 parts: statistical properties and models of networks, diffusion and cascading behavior, case studies
More than 2,500 views on Videolectures!
Diffusion and Cascading Behavior in Social Networks
Tutorial at NATO Advanced Study Institute on Mining Massive Data Sets for Security, 2007.