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Liability Issues

Liabilities of System Operators on the Internet

Computer Bulletin Boards and the Law

Defamation Liability of Computerized Bulletin Board Operators and Problems of Proof

Internet Libel: Is the Provider Responsible?

Liabilites of System Operators on the Internet

Legal Precedents: Case Law & Legislation In-Depth

Cubby v. Compuserve Legal brief

Stratton Oakmont v. Prodigy Legal brief

Stratton Oakmont v. Prodigy Archive

The Law of the Net: Problems and Prospects

It's In the Cards, Inc. v. Fuschetto

The Drudge Retort: Indignation

Blumenthal v. Drudge: The Tangled Web of Libel Law

Lawyers' Viewpoints

Web Site Libel & Slander

Reputation on (the) line: Defamation and the Internet

Loose Keystrokes Bring Lawsuits -- On-Line Defamation -- Useful definitions of libel/defamation in general.

Critical Opinions

Suck's Take on Blumenthal v. Drudge (covers issues on a broader scale than just this case)

Wired: Libel Law - Let it Die

Rights of Attribution & Integrity in Online Communication

General Resources

Cyberspace and the Law of Defamation

Defamation on the Internet

Defamation and Libel in Cyberspace -- A good, large index of related sites & papers.

Accidents on the Information Superhighway: On-Line Liability and Regulation -- a long, in-depth paper on Libel, the CDA, and other concerns.

Digital Defamation: an Overview

CyberSpace Law Lessons

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