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Possible Lesson Plans

While a complete listing of lesson plans for each part of the proposed curriculum is outside of the scope of this website, we do consider a few sample lesson plans proposed by researchers and teachers exploring the possibility of early computer science education:

  • Sample Elementary School Curriculum—Investigations in Number, Data, and Space: Turtle Paths
    In this section, we consider the Turtle Paths unit from a popular elementary school mathematics curriculum, designed to teach students about programming in Logo. Although this curriculum clearly focuses on mathematics rather than programming or algorithmic problem-solving, it represents an early attempt at computer science education in third and fourth grade that might be useful as a model for more ambitious lesson plans.

  • Paper-and-Pencil Activities
    Here, we examine some of the paper-and-pencil activities proposed by Michael Fellows, a professor at the University of British Columbia. These sorts of activities complement on-computer exercises, especially in schools where computer resources are somewhat limited.

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