The Psychology of Warfare

One of the most powerful yet commonly overlooked aspects of warfare is that of psychological manipulation. People are often made so aware of the brutality and violence of war itself, that they ignore a commonly employed weapon, known as psychological warfare. World War II offers a vivid example of psychological warfare and they way it was employed to target the morale and sentiment of numerous troops. The most fascinating means of dissemination was in the form of leaflets dropped from bomber planes. These paper filled bombs contained messages intended to curb the motivation and enthusiasm of the soldiers. For example, some leaflets depicted scenes of marital infidelity, a theme that no doubt touched on an insecurity felt by many soldiers. The power of psychological warfare, when performed succesfully, is the inability of those being brainwashed to defend themselves against its effect. Psychological warfare aims at the insecurities and desires of its targets and uses these as a means of acheiving objectives.

Analysis of Psychological Warfare

The Emergence of Psychological Warfare

The Field of Psychology During WWII

The Science Behind Psychological Warfare

The Social Psychology of War

The Ethics of Psychological Warfare

World War II Leaflets

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