Eric Mayefsky

Eric Mayefsky's is a sophomore majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science. His interests include board games, video games, card games, game theory, and most other things including the word "game."

Francine Anene

Francine Anene is a sophomore struggling to find her path through mixing interests in international relations, literature, and computer science. She was at a promising start in her computer science career after winning the final C contest in 106A but is now wondering how she will advise her PAA frosh advisees if she can’t decide on anything herself.

Marina Sirota

Born in Moscow, Russia, Marina Sirota is a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in Biomedical Computation. Apart from her academic interests in mathematics, biology and computer science, her hobbies include, drawing and painting, web and graphic design, playing tennis and ping pong, and playing the piano.

This webpage was created by our group as a final project for the Sophomore College class at Stanford University called "Intellectual Excitement of Computer Science." We are very grateful to Eric Roberts and John Hennessy for teaching this wonderful course. We all truly learned a lot from you. We would also like to thank our wonderful SAs Doug and Linda for their help throughout the past two weeks. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences that we have had at Stanford.

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