Proceedings from “Should Software Engineerings be Licensed Engineers?” Workshop, attended by the National Society of Professional Engineerings. (

ACM documents: There are 3 or 4 documents published by the ACM which summarize their position on the issue of licensing (for instance, the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, and “A summary of the ACM Position on Software engineering as a Licensed engineering Profession”).

IEEE Certification (

Microsoft Internal Certification (

“Licensing of Software Engineers in Texas,” Article written by a Regional President of AITP ( )

“Why License Software Engineers?” IEEE publication. ( ) (1)

Documentation of the Information Systems Professional Regulation ( )

“How to improve the quality of software engineering project management”, publication from the ACM, ( )

“FDA and the Regulation of Medical Software,” published by IEEE, ( )

An article from Panama’s Cancer Institute.( )

Report by Board of Inquiry, about the Ariane 5 disaster. (

Studying computer defects and how to prevent them. (

A discussion of IT policy issues that impact the computing field. (