CS 201 Final Project

Megan Bela, Ruth Costa, Michael Lyubomirskiy, Andre Pech

The Future of Education Online


As online access spreads rapidly world-wide and new forms of communication arise, including email, online forums, and internet telephony, the internet is beginning to realize its potential as a powerful educational tool. Currently, online educational opportunities include distance courses, particularly at the college level; collaboratively-developed textbooks; and online tutoring centers that use audio-streaming and pen tablet technologies.  While such technologies promise to increase access to education across geographic and language barriers, they present challenges in ensuring that they are equally effective as traditional education.


Our project focuses on these three areas of education online, discussing their current state, the problems they face in becoming successful, and how we expect these technologies to evolve in the future. These technologies show incredible promise for the future, and will hopefully help to students around the world further their academic achievement.

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