Computing and the Disabled
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AC: Applied Computing

ACT Home Page

Academic Software, Inc.

Alliance for Technology Access

A. T. E. C. -- Assistive Technology Exchange Center -- Homepage

The Archimedes Project

Braille - Braille Planet, Inc.

Center for Accessible Technology

Center for Computer Assistance to the Disabled - CCAD

Colvin, Richard and Tina Nguyen. "Opportunity Growing for Disabled Students." Los Angeles Times. March 7, 1999.

Computing Out Loud

DO-IT Program

Gesture & Movement Dynamics Lab - Projects

"Government ducks responsibility to support special education." USA Today. March 15, 1999.

Gurdon, Hugo. "Pentagon is urged to let the disabled join ranks." The Daily Telegraph. March 16, 1999.

Hunzru, Hari. "Connected - Sport: Disabled lead way to 'cyborg' future." The Daily Telegraph. March 11, 1999.

Jackson, Maggie. "Enabling the disabled." The Boston Globe. March 14, 1999.

Macintosh Disability Shareware and Freeware

Sun Technology and Research - Enabling Technologies

"Services for Disabled Students." Los Angeles Times. March 14, 1999.

Virtual Assistive Technology Center

Yahoo! Society and Culture:Disabilities:Computers and Internet:Organizations

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