Dr. Chenguang Zhu

Chenguang Zhu   Lead AI Research Scientist, Zoom

Ph.D., Computer Science Department, Stanford University

M.S., Statistics Department, Stanford University

B. Eng., Computer Science & Technology Department, Tsinghua University

Email: A [at] B, where A=zcg.stanford and B is gmail.com

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 I am a Lead AI Research Scientist at Zoom. My research directions are 1) Knowledge-enhanced Language Model, 2) Few-shot and Prompt Learning, 3) Responsible AI, and 4) Multimodal Learning. I develop state-of-the-art deep learning technologies for both research and business applications. My previous work has achieved first places in multiple NLP competitions, including achieving human parity in CommonsenseQA, HellaSwag and CoQA, 1st places in CommonGen, FEVER, ARC and SQuAD v1.0. Before Zoom, I was Principal Research Scienest at Microsoft. I got my PhD in Computer Science Department, Stanford University and Bachelor in Computer Science from Yao Class, Tsinghua University.


 Sep. 21, 2023: 2 papers accepted at NeurIPS 2023.

 May 5, 2023: Prof. Diyi Yang from Stanford University and I gave the tutorial on Summarization of Dialogues and Conversations At Scale at EACL 2023.

 May 1, 2023: 3 papers accepted at ACL 2023.

 Apr. 24, 2023: 1 paper accepted at ICML 2023.

 Feb. 28, 2023: 2 papers accepted at CVPR 2023.

 Feb. 27, 2023: I gave the talk "How We Achieved Human Parity in CommonsenseQA – Fusing Knowledge into Language Models" at Singapore Management University. [ Slides ]

 Feb. 27, 2023: We gave the tutorial on Knowledge-Augmented Methods for Natural Language Processing at WSDM 2023. [ Website | Video ]

 Feb. 23, 2023: 1 paper accepted at TACL.

 My recent work covers:


MRC_book_cover   Machine Reading Comprehension: Algorithm and Practice (Chinese Edition)


Chenguang Zhu

China Machine Press (机械工业出版社) , 2020.03

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        MRC_book_cover  Machine Reading Comprehension: Algorithm and Practice

Chenguang Zhu

Elsevier, 2021.04

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I am very fortunate to have mentored and worked with talented students.


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