Call for Contributions

We are pleased to announce the full-day workshop “Whole-Body Multi-Task Multi-Contact Humanoid Control” at Humanoids 2015, which aims to bring together a diverse community of researchers in the fields of control, humanoid robotics, and human modeling. A particular focus of the workshop is to highlight whole-body frameworks that enable multi-contact manipulation tasks in unstructured environments and in collaboration with humans.

Recent developments in humanoid whole-body control, efficient dynamics algorithms, and human modeling, have set the stage for robots to achieve human-like whole-body control and manipulation. Achieving this will require progress in understanding human manipulation strategies while making multiple contacts with a dynamic environment, and mapping those to humanoid robots using efficient algorithms. Any associated control framework must guarantee stability, controllability, local progress towards the goal, and the ability to integrate with trajectory generation and planning routines.

Prospective participants are invited to submit a 2-4 page extended abstract and express whether they would be interested in presenting a demo during the interactive session. Accepted abstracts will be made available on the workshop website, and authors will be invited to present during the interacting poster session. Selected submissions may be invited to give a talk. Contributed papers may be submitted to one of the following email addresses.

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Important Dates

Submission deadline: Extended to Oct. 10
Notification of acceptance: Extended to Oct. 15
Workshop date: Nov. 3, 2015, 9:15am - 5:30 pm
Workshop room: Room #1