Oussama Khatib

Oussama Khatib

Professor, Department of Computer Science

Director of Stanford Robotics Lab

Research Interests

My research in robotics focuses on novel control architectures, algorithms, sensing, and human-friendly designs for advanced capabilities in complex environments. With an emphasis on enabling robots to interact cooperatively and safely with humans and the physical world, these studies bring understanding of human movement for therapy, athletic training, and performance enhancement. This work on understanding human cognitive task representation and physical skills is enabling transfer for increased robot autonomy. With these core capabilities, we are exploring applications in healthcare and wellness, industry and service, farms and smart cities, and dangerous and unreachable settings – deep in oceans, mines, and space.

Expedition 2022

Expedition 2016


Humanoid Robotic Control

Human Friendly Robotics

Haptic fMRI

The Red Sea Robotic Exploratorium

Learning Motion & Interaction

Control & Simulation

Haptics and Teleoperation

Human Biomechanics