Ziang Xie

zxie{at}sapling.ai / zxie{at}cs.stanford.edu
CEO at Sapling.ai, 2019—present
AI, machine learning, natural language processing
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Hi 👋

Hi — I'm CEO of Sapling.ai, where we're working on a language model toolkit for enterprise applications. Work with us.

Previously, I did research in machine learning and natural language processing (see below).

Outside of work, you can find me getting pulled along by the little homie Deebo, at a bookstore, or running.


  • Neural Text Generation: A Practical Guide. arXiv:1711.09534, 2017 [pdf]
  • Data Noising as Smoothing in Neural Network Language Models. Ziang Xie, Sida I. Wang, Jiwei Li, Daniel Levy, Aiming Nie, Dan Jurafsky, Andrew Y. Ng. ICLR, 2017 + Baylearn, 2016. [pdf] [code]
  • Neural Language Correction with Character-Based Attention. Ziang Xie, Anand Avati, Naveen Arivazhagan, Dan Jurafsky, Andrew Y. Ng. arXiv:1603.09727, 2016 [pdf] [code]
  • Lexicon-Free Conversational Speech Recognition with Neural Networks. Andrew L. Maas*, Ziang Xie*, Dan Jurafsky, Andrew Y. Ng. NAACL, 2015 [pdf]
  • Building DNN Acoustic Models for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition. Andrew L. Maas, Peng Qi, Ziang Xie, Awni Y. Hannun, Christopher T. Lengerich, Daniel Jurafsky, Andrew Y. Ng. Computer Speech & Language, Volume 41. [pdf]

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  • Co-head TA, CS229, Machine Learning, Fall 2017
  • Head TA, CS124, From Languages to Information, Spring 2017
  • TA, CS229, Machine Learning, Fall 2016



  • NDSEG Fellowship, 2014-2017
  • Stanford SoE Fellowship, 2013-2014