Waraporn Tongprasit

I have a Master's in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science and a PhD in Operations Reseach from the Department of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University. In general, I am interested in machine learning and operations research, i.e. optimization and stochastic process, and their applications in finance and economics area. My particular research interest is in information and financial market. My disseration was focusing on the role of security exchanges in aggregating information and allocating resources in an economc system, and how regulations influence their effectiveness. My specialties include financial market microstructure, operations research, intraday volatility modeling, intraday price movement prediction, algorithmic trading, machine readable news feed, econometrics, machine learning.

Contact Information

Email: waraporn@alumni.stanford.edu

About Me


Working Papers

  • " Empirical Analysis of Tick Sizes and Exchange Efficiency.", Waraporn Tongprasit, Benjamin Van Roy
    Developed a method for assessing and comparing stock exchange efficiency under different tick sizes.
  • " Predicting the Impact of Regulatory and Design Decisions on Exchange Efficiency.", Waraporn Tongprasit, Benjamin Van Roy
    Developed a method that uses historical data and simulations to predict stock exchange efficiency under new securities exchange regulations and market designs where data from the exchange is not yet available.
  • " Order Book Shape and Stock Price Movements.", Waraporn Tongprasit
    Formulated a mathematical model for predicting short-term stock price movements from the shape of order book.

Journal Papers

  • " In-depth query of large genomes using tiling arrays.", Manoj P. Samanta, Waraporn Tongprasit, Viktor Stolc, Methods Mol Biol. 2007;377:163-174 17634616
  • " Global identification and characterization of transcriptionally active regions in the rice genome.", Lei Li, Xiangfeng Wang, Rajkumar Sasidharan, Viktor Stolc, Wei Deng, Hang He, Jan Korbel, Xuewei Chen, Waraporn Tongprasit, Pamela Ronald, Runsheng Chen, Mark Gerstein, Xing Wang Deng, PLoS ONE, 2007;2:e294 17372628 (http://www.plosone.org/article/fetchArticle.action?articleURI=info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0000294)
  • " Analysis of Transcription Factor HY5 Genomic Binding Sites Revealed Its Hierarchical Role in Light Regulation of Development.", Jungeun Lee, Kun He, Viktor Stolc, Horim Lee, Pablo Figueroa, Ying Gao, Waraporn Tongprasit, Hongyu Zhao, Ilha Lee, and Xing Wang Deng, Plant Cell, 2007 Mar 2;17337630 (http://www.plantcell.org/cgi/content/abstract/tpc.106.047688v1)
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