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I am a fourth-year PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University. I'm grateful to be co-advised by Alex Aiken and Jiajun Wu and am affiliated with the Stanford Vision and Learning lab. My research interests are in computer vision and machine learning. Currently, I'm focusing on video understanding and human motion analysis and synthesis. My research is supported by the Brown Institute for Media Innovation.

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Programmatic Concept Learning for Human Motion Description and Synthesis
CVPR 2022  
Hierarchical Motion Uderstanding via Motion Programs
CVPR 2021  
Boolean Functional Synthesis: Hardness and Practical Algorithms*
SPoC: Search-based Pseudocode to Code
Scalable Synthesis with Symbolic Syntax Graphs
What's hard about Boolean Functional Synthesis?*
Contract-based Resource Verification for Higher-order Functions with Memoization
SymPy: Symbolic computing in Python

Tech Reports/Seminar

Pushing The Envelope for Boolean Function Synthesis*
Space Leaks Exploration in Haskell

* All authors contributed equally.


PC Member

  • 2022: CVPR, ICLR, ICML
  • 2017: SciPy, Austin TX


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