I’m a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, advised by Sanmi Koyejo, Nick Haber, and Susan Athey. I develop trustworthy autonomous artificial agents that make efficient decisions in various real-world applications. My research encompasses multiple subjects, including active learning, reinforcement learning, model evaluation, and natural language generation. I applied these techniques to solve problems in human-centered applications, such as education, healthcare, and scientific discovery.

03/2024:   New paper at NAACL [Website]
12/2023:   New preprint on Design of Experiment for LLMs
11/2023:   Two new papers (Gauche and DecodingTrust) at NeurIPS
09/2023:   Receive $80,000 from Microsoft for LLMs research
09/2022:   Receive Stanford Human-centered Artificial Intelligence Graduate Fellowship
09/2021:   Receive Stanford School of Engineering Fellowship
05/2021:   Receive the 2021 Ferid Murad medal [Press release]
02/2021:   Start my study abroad program at University of Oxford
01/2021:   New paper at AAAI