Jesse Mu

I am a 3rd-year CS PhD student at Stanford University, advised by Noah Goodman and affiliated with the Stanford NLP Group and the Stanford AI Lab. I'm interested in language and communication as tools for interpreting and supervising machine learning models across modalities (e.g. vision). My research is supported by the NSF GRFP and the Open Phil AI Fellowship.

Previously, I received an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, advised by Ekaterina Shutova and Helen Yannakoudakis and supported by a Churchill Scholarship. Before that, I was an undergrad at Boston College, where I worked in the Language Learning Lab with Joshua Hartshorne and Timothy O'Donnell.

I've also worked with the Computational Intelligence Group at the Technical University of Madrid, MIT CoCoSci and LINGO, and Alexa Machine Learning.


Emergent Communication of Generalizations
Jesse Mu, Noah Goodman
ViGIL@NAACL 2021 (spotlight) [talk, code]

Compositional Explanations of Neurons
Jesse Mu, Jacob Andreas
NeurIPS 2020 (oral) [Weights & Biases talk, NeurIPS oral, code]

Learning to Refer Informatively by Amortizing Pragmatic Reasoning
Julia White, Jesse Mu, Noah Goodman
CogSci 2020 [code]

Shaping Visual Representations with Language for Few-shot Classification
Jesse Mu, Percy Liang, Noah Goodman
ACL 2020 (previously at ViGIL@NeurIPS 2019) [SAIL blog post, talk, code]

Learning Outside the Box: Discourse-level Features Improve Metaphor Identification
Jesse Mu, Helen Yannakoudakis, Ekaterina Shutova
NAACL 2019 [talk, code]

Do We Need Natural Language? Exploring Restricted Language Interfaces for Complex Domains
Jesse Mu, Advait Sarkar
CHI 2019 Late-Breaking Work [code]

The Meta-Science of Adult Statistical Word Segmentation: Part 1
Joshua K. Hartshorne, Lauren Skorb, Sven L. Dietz, Caitlin R. Garcia, Gina L. Iozzo, Katie E. Lamirato, James R. Ledoux, Jesse Mu, Kara N. Murdock, Jon Ravid, Alyssa A. Savery, James E. Spizzirro, Kelsey A. Trimm, Kendall D. van Horne, Juliani Vidal
Collabra: Psychology 5(1):1, 2019 [code]

Evaluating Hierarchies of Verb Argument Structure with Hierarchical Clustering
Jesse Mu, Joshua K. Hartshorne, Timothy O'Donnell
EMNLP 2017

Parkinson's Disease Subtypes Identified from Cluster Analysis of Motor and Non-motor Symptoms
Jesse Mu, Kallol R. Chaudhuri, Concha Bielza, Jesus de Pedro-Cuesta, Pedro Larrañaga, Pablo Martinez-Martin
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 9:301, 2017 [code]